Wow, had no idea this would make it as an article, thanks Brian! Also sorry if I scarred anyone after watching this video parody. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for more funny videogame parodies on niconico douga to share! (`・ω・´) » 11/22/11 2:23pm 11/22/11 2:23pm

Don't worry guys! Least we can look forward to a Super Duper MVC3 Ultra Turbo Edition game with DLC characters not included which can be obsolete next month when the MEGA Super Duper MVC3 Ultra Turbo Edition comes out after! » 7/18/11 10:26pm 7/18/11 10:26pm

There's a major achievement in Human Revolution called Pacifist which requires no one to die or be killed by your hands (except boss fights). » 7/18/11 3:19pm 7/18/11 3:19pm